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Can you install SPC Flooring over concrete? - Everything you need to know



08 Mar 2024

Can you install SPC Flooring over concrete? - Everything you need to know

Looking for a flooring tile option? Confused on what will go best with your interior space? Don't worry, we are here to brief you on your confusions. When it comes to choosing flooring tiles options for your interiors, you have to consider various factors such as durability, stability , maintenance, cost and aesthetics. The most popular choice of flooring tile that has gained the highest number of attractions and appreciation is SPC flooring. But the question now arises in mind is can we consider SPC flooring on concrete surface? So let's deep dive into this question and explore the benefits of SPC flooring on concrete.

Can SPC flooring be installed over concrete?

The main advantage of SPC flooring is its durability and stability, the other aspect is it's very easy to install. Some flooring options that require specific raw materials. SPC flooring is easy to install on concrete surfaces. You just need to have all the essential tools to ensure a long- lasting installation. So let’s begin with the necessary steps:

Clean the Floor: First, step to install SPC flooring on concrete tile is to clean the surface of the flooring. We need to ensure that the flooring tile is free of any dirt, dust or debris as if it's not clean properly, it will cause an issue while fixing the flooring tile.

Level the Floor: Another step to keep in mind is to level the floor while installing SPC flooring on concrete. The surface might be slightly uneven and rough towards the end, but we need to ensure that it's all plain and leveled.

Remove Excess Moisture: Concrete is a harder surface, there are high chances of it being prone to moisture. We need to ensure that every area needs to be dry before we start the installation process. We suggest you put a plastic sheet that doesn't let you enter the moisture that actually helps SPC flooring getting damaged.

Settle Down at Room Temperature: Another important step is to allow room to settle down at room temperature. Before installing the SPC flooring it is needed to maintain the temperature for at least 24-48 hours to prevent the expansion & contraction of the flooring tile after the SPC flooring is installed.

Benefits of Installing SPC flooring on Concrete Surface

The major benefit of SPC flooring is that it can be set for all and any spaces be it residential or commercial purpose. The key benefits where people install SPC flooring are listed as below:

Durability: The way the SPC flooring is manufactured using limestone and PVC makes it more durable and stable. They say SPC flooring can last for almost 20-30 years of life span if they are being taken care of properly.

Water proof: The other benefit where people consider SPC flooring is its waterproof quality. SPC flooring has the capacity to absorb moisture which keeps it dry for a longer duration of time.

Easy to Maintain: SPC flooring is easy to maintain and needs very low budget to it. Regular sweeping the floor with wet cloth will make it shine brighter. SPC flooring fixed on concrete adds the same brightness to it and makes it look new.

Color & Patterns: SPC flooring offers a wide range of colors and patterns, also it offers huge buckets of styles that get added on every now and then. SPC flooring offers designs for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces and basements. The designs are highly affordable and offer a huge range to finalize for your interior space.


In conclusion to this, if we follow the proper preparation and installation techniques, SPC flooring can be successfully installed on concrete surfaces. Whether you choose any method to install it, we assure you that it can be fixed without any difficulties. SPC flooring is known for its durability, water-resistant, and low maintenance flooring solution for residential and commercial spaces. We recommend you to always prefer going with SPC flooring to enhance the core of interiors for concrete floors by fixing SPC flooring to it and embrace the beauty.



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