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Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of SPC Flooring



12 Feb 2024

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of SPC Flooring

Thinking of SPC flooring for your interiors? Confused on whether you should go for it or not? Yes, that is the best choice for your interior space. SPC flooring is an excellent choice plus cost effective choice for your commercial or residential purpose, whether it is kitchen, living rooms or bathrooms. SPC Flooring is the best choice for your home decor. SPC, Stone Plastic Composite comprises polyvinyl chloride and limestone powder that makes it waterproof, durable and stable. It is easy to install, and has minimal or low maintenance. It is an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and basements as it has the quality to absorb moisture because of waterproof quality. Let’s discuss in detail the pros and cons of SPC flooring.

Pros of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring offers a huge range of designs and patterns along with color options that helps an individual choose the best option for your home decor. It is considered to be an upgraded choice for engineering wood flooring that offers different styles and patterns. SPC flooring is easy to install, all you need to do is follow the manufacturer guidelines. Here's the article you can read out to understand the SPC Flooring Installation Process. Lets study in brief a few benefits of SPC flooring.

Waterproof: One of the major benefits of SPC flooring is its water resistant quality. The manufacturing process where the limestone powder is used makes it absorb moisture. It is an ideal choice for bathrooms, basements and kitchen.

Low Maintenance: The other benefit of SPC Flooring is it is low in maintenance, wiping the SPC floor with wet cloth will make it shine brighter. This saves time and cost as well.

Durability & Stability: SPC flooring, because of its long lasting nature makes it durable and stable. SPC flooring if installed properly can last longer for almost 10-15 years and this is one such reason of being an ideal choice for residentials premises, offices, shops, hospitals, schools etc.

Huge variation of styles and patterns: It offers a wide range of designs and styles, not just this but offer color variation as well. SPC offers different styles of planks for kitchen, bathrooms, home decor or even for residential spaces. This benefit of SPC flooring makes it unique and offers individuals a choice to select the best design for your home decor.

Easy to Install: Installing SPC flooring is easy to install, there are various methods to install SPC flooring and each method is easy to install. Just follow the instructions shared by the manufacturer for the installation process. This saves a huge cost and comes with a DIY package, all you need is to be ready with all the required tools to install the flooring plank.

Cons of SPC Flooring

The way SPC flooring has benefits, the very similar way it has a few drawbacks as well. Here we go read them below:

Fading of Flooring Tile: One of the drawbacks could be fading of the flooring tile, if the flooring tile is not cleaned on a regular basis, there are high chances of it turning out yellow instead of the original color.

High Cost of Damage: If one single plank is damaged, it is difficult to fix that broken plank. There are high chances that the other planks might also be damaged, if this happens then this is a costly affair.

Easily affected by moisture: We always try to dry off the moisture while fixing plank, but there are high chances of it being affected by the environment. Access moisture can damage the SPC flooring.

Final Words

Flooring trends have changed from past years to the current phase going on, and you won't believe that SPC flooring is something which has stayed common for a while now. Major benefit of SPC being in the top list is because of its design patterns and style which launches as per the demand raised. It has all the benefits which an ideal residential or commercial space requires. Yes it of course has few drawbacks but we believe they could be resolved to some extent or can surely be taken off while fixing the tile. Trust us, SPC flooring to your home or residential spaces will surely add colors to your space.



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