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How to Install SPC Flooring Tiles quickly and easily - A Comprehensive Guide



03 Feb 2024

How to Install SPC Flooring Tiles quickly and easily  - A Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to give your floor an unexpected makeover? Well, you don't need to worry at all. We wholeheartedly welcome you to the world of SPC flooring where style meets durability and resistance in the most adorable way. We guarantee you are giving an entirely new level of look to your living spaces.

SPC Flooring is talk of the town with its impressive benefits for both homeowners and business owners showing remarkable flooring solutions. It offers one to think about redesigning the interiors with stunning designs and patterns.

Elegant, modern and durable SPC flooring which is also known as luxury SPC Planks is available in a variety of styles and patterns. The high tech look comprises natural wood or stone. It is very dent and scratch-resistant that adds rigidity from limestone. Limestone has a capacity that makes the SPC resistant to temperature and climate changes, so that it is ideal for constructing new projects.

SPC flooring tends to be a natural allure of materials such as wood and stone. Designs, patterns, textures and colors create a remarkable impact through advanced printing technologies. SPC flooring offers a variety of options that suit various preferences.
Stamp of authenticity of SPC Flooring lies in its robustness. Scratches, resistant, wear and tear which are well equipped to stand for rigors of everyday life. Waterproof nature renders and ideal choice for moisture prone areas such as bathrooms, basements and kitchen which provides longevity and peace of mind. Well if we speak of environmental conditions, SPC Flooring's manufacturing process involves fewer harmful chemicals and are recyclable aligned with choices for customers.

In the below detailed blog post, we will take you to the entire process to install SPC flooring tiles. Be ready to transform your boring tiles to the entirely new and innovative designed SPC flooring. Let's travel the journey together!

Importance of Proper Installation in Flooring

The base or foundation of Flooring not only contributes to the aesthetics but also resembles functionality and durability. Choosing material and design shows the significance of proper installation that takes center stage in determining the span and performance of the flooring.

The installation process of each flooring type of hardwood, laminate or tiles serves the cornerstone of durability of the flooring. Each of them demands accurate installation techniques as per customize requirements. Professionally installed floor maximizes the performance potential and its functionality. Properties of flooring, its waterproofing capabilities and installation techniques ensures that the process of floor functions as expected.

A perfectly installed flooring ensures organizational integrity, which helps minimize the risks of gaps or uneven surfaces. This helps in preventing hazards and ensuring a safe environment for people. Importance of longevity and performance of the floor are linked with the quality of installation. Proper installation helps unlock the value of your chosen material and pattern that helps you enjoy a space for both beauty and functionality in upcoming years.

Essential Tools Required while installing SPC Flooring

Well, while upgrading your home with stylish SPC Flooring you will need to have few essential tools that are a hassle free installation process.

Installing SPC flooring requires proper time & technique along with proper tools. 

Safety Gears: Begin with your own safety first. Well installing SPC flooring will have all the weight on your knees, so it is advisable to have knee pads for comfort during extended periods of installation, also you require work gloves for hands safety.

Measuring Tools: For a proper layout, measuring tape, chalk, pencil, marker etc are needed for marking cuts to ensure in maintaining straight lines.

Preparing tools for Floor: Pry bar, crowbar for groundwork. Vacuum cleaner is needed to clean the subfloor and the surfaces. Along with this moisture barrier is required to add protection.

Installing Tools: Basic tools for SPC flooring material such as knife, floor cutter, tapping block for securing planks altogether. Also, spacer is a must in maintaining gaps between planks.

Installation guidelines by manufacturer: A guide book shared by manufacturer is a must to keep handy, Adhesive is also essential for finishing elements. Every manufacturer will slightly differ in the steps for installation. Follow it with proper time and technique to avoid any gaps or damage.

Pre-Installation Technique

SPC flooring is considered to be one of the most popular flooring materials which is widely used in residential and commercial buildings. Below shared details will throw a light on methods and steps of SPC flooring easy installation techniques. We recommend preparing necessary tools and materials to keep handy to smoothen the installation process. 

SPC Glue Down Flooring

Pre-installation technique for SPC Glue Down Flooring needs planning to paramount to achieve flawless and enduring results.

  1. Adaptation : The important step is to allow material to adjust to the temperature and humidity by minimizing the risk of post installation of expansion and contraction.
  2. Preparing the Floor: Second important step is to keep the floor clean, level dry and free from any imperfections or scrap.If you find any uneven flooring it should be quickly rectified to create a smooth and plain surface for installation.
  3. Testing the moisture level: It is advised to use a reliable moisture to ensure that the floor meets the manufacturer's recommendation for installation and for this moisture test is conducted through a test to integrate the flooring over time.
  4. Planning the layout: Measure the space properly by marking lines for the  direction,alignment and positioning the planks to achieve desired outputs.
  5. Appropriate Gaps: SPC Flooring can expand as the temperature changes. Using spacers helps to maintain consistency and adequate gaps towards fixed structures to adapt these movements.
  6. Applying Adhesive: We recommend you to follow manufacturer guidelines while applying adhesive to the flooring. Using spacers to maintain the consistency of gaps across walls and other few fixed structures helps to accommodate expansion.
  7. Installation of SPC Planks: Now you can place SPC vinyl plank into the adhesive by following the plan. Press each plank gently to ensure that it has fixed properly with the adhesive. It is advisable to use roller incases to remove air pockets and ensure proper bonding.
  8. Finishing: Once the planks are fixed properly, you can remove excess adhesive from the corner of the planks using a cleaner. Clean it properly to remove any kind of debris or adhesive residue.

Pre-installation techniques are crucial but also long lasting if you follow specific guidelines provided by SPC flooring and adhesive manufacturers for the best results. 

SPC Click Lock Flooring

If you are looking for elegant flooring, SPC vinyl flooring is the best choice as it is durable and water-resistant. Also, it is easy to install and offers multiple options for DIY homeowners. We offer SPC flooring in various designs and patterns.
Installing SPC flooring will save you a penny and give you the satisfaction of installing the flooring.

Follow these easy instructions to install Click Lock Flooring

Installing click lock flooring is easy if you follow the steps properly. Here's a guide to your pre-installation technique for click lock flooring. The process of installing a SPC click lock flooring is very simple because of its click installation process, it is considered to be the easiest type of flooring which one can self install.

Firstly, you need to allow SPC planks to set in constant temperature between 65* and 85*F for almost 48 hours or more. Simultaneously you can prepare the tools that are required during the installation process such as knife, spacer, chalk, ruler, pencil, hammer for tapping blocks etc.

While preparing your subfloor for installation, you will need to balance the level of flooring in case of any imperfections. Anything over 2 mm should be leveled out before installing the SPC click flooring. Clean the excess dust and debris by sweeping or through vacuum.

You will need to fit your SPC flooring underlay which will absorb shock and make the flooring more comfortable by providing a smooth layer to install flooring.

Now it's time to set the first plank in the corner of the room, move it in sync from left to right. While coming next to the wall, we will need to cut a plank to ensure it has at least 7-10 mm gap. All you need to do is simply measure the space and mark on the plank on where exactly you need to cut. Once placed, tap it gently to ensure that it is fixed properly.

Fix the planks on the side by side following the row to ensure that it slides into place and interlocks correctly. Using spacers after every few steps and around the edges of the flooring and can remove it once the installation is done. 

You can mold it in a way to cover the expansion gap.
All you need to do is follow the simple steps shared properly to fix the flooring by click lock flooring method, well self installation process is quick and simple.

Precautions to be taken Post Installation and Finishing Touch

Finally your flooring has been successfully installed, but your work doesn't stop here. You still need to keep a few things in mind post installation process.

  1. You will need to give a few days for the floor to settle perfectly. Allow a couple of days to settle the SPC flooring before you move any heavy object or furniture. SPC flooring is suitable for indoor use. Once the soil arrives on site, it must be unpacked and left  for 24 to 48 hours to allow the soil's thermal expansion and shrinkage rates to acclimate to match those of  the new environment.
  2. We recommend you to use a soft cloth with some mild powder detergent to clean the surface of the floor for a few days. SPC flooring does not need special treatment to clean the floor, a regular cleaning is sufficient. Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. Do not roll or drag heavy objects on the floor. Do not polish, wax or steam clean the floor.
  3. In case, there are any issues which occur post installation, we would recommend you to contact the support team, as they will surely have a solution to fix the gap.

Common Mistakes during installing SPC Flooring

SPC flooring, known for its strong appearance,durability, resistant power, designs and patterns and also for its low maintenance that can lead to too many problems if there is improper installation. The below are a few common mistakes while one can go through SPC installation.

  1. Foremost critical aspect of SPC floor installation is to prepare the subfloor properly. Avoid the steps like uneven surfaces, wear and tear of SPC flooring is to make sure that subfloor is clean, dry and level it to provide a stable foundation.
  2. Second mistake that could happen is allowing planks to settle at humidity level to prevent it from further contraction. Please ensure that you follow manufacturer guidelines to avoid acclimation time for problems.
  3. Ensure that you follow manufacturer guidelines to maintain the structural integrity for your SPC flooring, expansion of gaps between adjoining rooms to take humidity changes.
  4. Improper click and lock installation could also be a common mistake in SPC Flooring. Missing up on a step shared by the manufacturer or wrong tapping technique while installing can damage the plank and result in loose flooring.
  5. Another common mistake could be to rush while installing. SPC flooring needs to be installed with patience, a single mistake can damage the entire trail for the plank. We recommend hiring a professional while installing SPC flooring to match the final results with quality experience.

SPC-Cost Effective Choice

SPC flooring has emerged as the most popular choice as compared to other competitors in the market. Cost for SPC flooring is undoubtedly crucial while choosing flooring. SPC flooring comprises natural limestone powder, PVC and stabilizer which makes it budget friendly options available for consumers.

Another benefit would be the click-lock mechanism which is a user-friendly installation technique which saves both time and effort. SPC flooring fixing is a DIY thing which when followed steps properly can be a quick fix and saves a huge cost.

Another economic advantage of SPC flooring is that it can be installed over an existing subfloor.Unlike other materials that require extensive preparation, SPC flooring can be installed over concrete, tile, and even hardwood floors, reducing the time and effort required for subfloor repairs and leveling. Save money, this convenience makes SPC flooring even more affordable, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.
SPC flooring requires very normal maintenance. Floor layer protects it from daily wear and tear and extends life so that the frequency to change or replacement is minimal or over the years. A simple soft cloth mixed with mild detergent is enough to keep it clean and continue its shine. Low maintenance of the SPC flooring is something which attracts homeowners and business owners.


Installing SPC Flooring is easy and straightforward. Using the appropriate tools and materials, installing SPC flooring is easy. Just ensure that you follow the manufacturer guidelines to get stylish and durable marvel under your feet. We wish you a happy flooring!! Installing SPC flooring can be a rewarding experience if done correctly. With a variety of attachment methods available, including click-lock, adhesive, and floating, you can find the technology that suits your specific needs. Understanding these methods will help you choose the right SPC flooring and make the installation process smooth and effective. If you are looking for a reliable SPC Flooring from Wintel Surfaces, feel free to contact us for cozy flooring for professional advice and service.



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