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Best Waterproof Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom in 2024



07 Feb 2024

Best Waterproof Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom in 2024

Planning to makeover the interior of your bathroom? Let's get inspired by the latest trends and styles of flooring to match your choice preference.

We believe that a bathroom is a place in your home that soothes and calms your mind and is the foremost loved place by any individual. So why not make it the best of all? Bathrooms are a place where water and hot steams are an ongoing thing, we need to ensure that the flooring tiles should not be slippery and should also absorb moisture in any given scenario plus giving a soothing effect. So the key selection of choosing flooring tile is an important task, let's deep dive in the blog below to choose the best waterproof vinyl flooring tile for your bathroom.

Waterproof Flooring options for bathroom

Vinyl flooring, known for its water-resistant functionality is an ideal choice for flooring options for bathrooms. Vinyl flooring tiles are easy to clean, can absorb moisture and also aren't slippery. The process of making vinyl flooring with limestone powder makes it absorb moisture and humidity and also supports in adjusting with the environment. Available in a wide range of designs and styles so that you can easily choose the best flooring tile for your bathroom.

It is very easy to clean Vinyl flooring tile, just wiping off with a wet cloth will make it shine brighter, this flooring tile is very low maintenance.

Vinyl flooring is comfortable underfoot. When you walk on this flooring tile barefoot, it is soft and easy to go. The floor will not be slippery and provides comfort and safety to your feet.

Vinyl flooring tile is an ideal choice as they are easy to install, this saves your huge cost. All you need to do is follow the manufacturer guidelines to install the flooring tile.

5 Best Bathroom Flooring Styles and Patterns

We always have the clarity on defining the home interiors but it is always a confusing choice when it comes to bathroom interiors, of course we are aware on how do we need the look and feel of it but when it comes to choosing the styles and patterns for it, while having multiple options for styles and patterns is always a confusing task on which is the ideal one for your bathroom.

To help you choose the best design for your bathroom, we offer you a variety of designs and styles which you can make as your ideal choice. We are recommending you a few of the flooring options that can go with the overall style of your home along with your set budget.


The style and design of Twilight flooring tile adds charm to your bathroom, light in color often brings positivity and a smile on your face. Plank size with 1220*181mm will be a perfect fit for your bathroom option. This flooring tile absorbs moisture and makes it water resistant.


This flooring tile defines being extraordinary with a beautiful blend of style. Optra plank flooring tile is designed in size 1220*181mm which will perfectly fit your bathroom. It comes in brown and white shade which gives a traditional modern look by making your space look bigger and fuller.


Fluid flooring tile design aims to target high end luxury style with mesmerizing designs, fits your bathroom with a perfect defined size 1220*181mm. It is easy to install, low maintenance, termite free, water resistant and many more.


Verona style and design illuminates the bathroom flooring. Texture is so good that it gives a classy effect to the bathroom. This flooring tile with plank size 1220*181mm is a timeless appealing choice, just add a few lights in your bathroom and you see the wonders to it.


Not just bright colors but dark colors also add glam to the bathroom. Sedona, dark color tiles with an appropriate lightening is a modern choice opted by individuals these days. Stunning Sedona Tile fits with 1220*181mm dimensions help you transfer the environment by giving a top notch layer to the floor.

Recommended tiles are available in both glue down flooring and click lock flooring. The styles and patterns are the same, only the installation process varies. SPC flooring can be installed easily, all you need to do is just closely follow the manufacturer guidelines and also be ready prior with all the necessary tools required while installing the flooring tile.


To choose the best option for your flooring tile both collections glue down flooring and click lock flooring offer you a wide variety of styles and patterns. Choosing a vinyl flooring is a popular choice because of its affordability and durability. This flooring tile is easy to install and is water resistant. Bathroom flooring should be water resistant as there are high chances of getting slipped, we need to be very sure while choosing the tile if we have kids in the home where we can assure you that vinyl flooring is the best option for it as it serves both the flooring qualities.

Bathrooms are the most important portion of your home. No matter what is the size of the bathroom, a classy flooring tile that soothes and calms your mind is always a choice of an individual. If you have a small bathroom, you can experiment with keeping a bigger style design to make it look bigger and vice versa. We assure you that we offer you a wide variety of styles and patterns that will surely confuse you on which to be chosen for your bathroom as each and every design is unique and classy.



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