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SPC Flooring Lifespan: What to Expect in Terms of Longevity?



27 Feb 2024

SPC Flooring Lifespan: What to Expect in Terms of Longevity?

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring has ended up progressively well known in later a long time due to its strength, water resistance, and simple support. In any case, like all flooring material, understanding its life anticipation is pivotal for making educated choices in your domestic or commercial space. In this blog, we'll go through the components that impact the life anticipation of SPC flooring and how to maximize its life expectancy.

Wintel SPC Flooring is widely chosen by customers from different parts of the countries for restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals etc. as it has a huge range of variations to offer along with durability, affordable pricing and long lasting parity till 15-20 years.

Factors Influencing the Lifespan of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring consists of different layers that are designed to enhance durability & stability. Its center layer is regularly made from a combination of limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and stabilizers. So let’s explore all the factors that influence the life expectancy of SPC Flooring.

Composition: SPC flooring is known for its long lasting nature, the major factor that influences life expectancy is the composition of SPC flooring, where limestone powder and PVC plays a major role and impacts the life span of the flooring.

Thickness: SPC flooring is thick which acts as a protective layer against stains, scratches. Thickness also builds up the durability & stability of the SPC Flooring. Higher-quality SPC flooring frequently highlights thicker wear layers,resistance to wear and tear over time.

Installation: Proper installation of SPC flooring makes it last longer. If you follow the manufacturer guidelines to install the SPC flooring, we assure that no mistakes can ever happen , this not only saves time but also saves cost.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning, cleaning spills and using the correct cleaning products can increase the life expectancy of SPC flooring. This doesn't need any special treatment while cleaning, all it needs is regular cleaning and deep cleaning twice a week to make it shine brighter and last longer.

Environmental Factors: Environmental conditions such as temperature changes, stickiness levels, and introduction to daylight can affect the execution of SPC flooring. It is resistant to moisture and temperature variations that happen as and when the season changes. Exposure to sun or moisture, SPC flooring can bear it all.

Life Expectancy of SPC Flooring

Whereas there's no conclusive answer to the address of SPC flooring's life anticipation, it is for the most part respected as a long-lasting flooring alternative. If you properly care and upkeep, SPC flooring can hold its impact for decades. In general, It has life expectancy from 10 to 25 a long time or more, reflecting their certainty within the strength of their items. Be that as it may, components such as wear layer thickness, quality of establishment, and natural conditions eventually impact the genuine life expectancy of SPC flooring in any given setting.


Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring stands out as a strong and flexible flooring arrangement reasonable for both residential and commercial spaces. Its vigorous development, resistance to dampness and impacts, and waterproof make it an appealing choice for advanced spaces. Whereas the precise life expectancy of SPC flooring may shift depending on a few variables, counting composition, wear layer thickness, establishment quality, and natural conditions, it is for the most part considered a long-lasting flooring alternative. By understanding these factors we can maximize the life expectancy and execution of SPC flooring.



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