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Preventing SPC Floor Cracking: Expert Tips & Solutions



11 Jun 2024

Preventing SPC Floor Cracking: Expert Tips & Solutions

SPC flooring became a popular choice due to its durability, water resistant and easy installation. SPC flooring can create problems to a certain extent if they are installed properly. This is a common issue when someone fits the flooring tile by itself and when they miss out on installation steps. In this blog, we will explore how to avoid SPC floor cracking and ensure a long lasting condition for the coming years.

Here's how you can follow the methods, for proper installation solutions and precautions to get it cracked or damaged.

Proper Installation

  • Prior to SPC flooring installation, verify that the ground is level, dry, and clean. Remove all dirt, dust, and debris to facilitate a fit for flooring to the surface.
  • Assess the humidity and temperature of the surroundings before SPC flooring installation. Maintain ambient humidity within the optimal range, typically between 30% and 60%.
  • Check the subfloor irregularities and level them out if required. SPC flooring needs flat and even surface.

Correct Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning is required to uphold the aesthetic appeal for SPC flooring. Gentle mop or vacuum to eliminate dust and debris, and cleanse the floors with a mild detergent, refraining from acidic or alkaline cleansers.
  • Safeguard the floor by fixing padding to furniture and chair legs to avoid direct contact with the floor, avoiding the risk of scratches.
  • Try to avoid access water if accumulated on the SPC flooring. Promptly wipe away any liquid spills to avoid gaps into the floor and causing cracks.

Expansion Gaps

  • Expansion gaps play a pivotal role in facilitating the fluctuations in the flooring material caused by shifts in temperature and humidity levels.
  • It is necessary to maintain a 1/4 inch adjacent to immobile entities. This provision enables the flooring to flex and retract seamlessly, averting the formation of unsightly cracks.

Quality of Materials

  • Choosing the right quality of materials is very important which can save the cost for you on a longer duration of time.
  • Always select esteemed brands and merchandise renowned for their product quality against defects and deterioration.

Regular Maintenance

Regular, consistent and proper maintenance for SPC flooring is necessary to make it last longer. Suitable cleansing solutions and refrain from excessive water usage during cleaning sessions. It is advised to regularly check the wear and tear of the damage done and prevent it from becoming more worsening.


By implementing these precautionary actions, we can reduce the nature of SPC floors from cracking or breaking and guarantee the enduring longevity and utility of your floors for years ahead. Thorough subfloor preparation, proper maintenance, incorporation of expansion gaps, a professional way to installation, maintenance of a consistent environment, utilization of superior materials, all stand as pivotal measures in attaining a flawless SPC floor.

Always remember, a touch of additional attention during installation and regular maintenance can ensure substantial benefits in conserving the soundness and aesthetics of your SPC flooring. 



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