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Understanding the Importance of Expansion Gaps for SPC Flooring



28 Mar 2024

Understanding the Importance of Expansion Gaps for SPC Flooring

When it comes to installing flooring, one always looks for a long lasting aspect for appealing results. While installing the SPC flooring, if a customer misses out any space the expansion gaps come into picture. The process to install SPC flooring is very easy but if the steps are missed this can lead to expansion gaps. So in this blog we shall study the significance of expansion gaps for SPC flooring and why this can't be neglected for durability and stability of flooring.

Importance of Expansion Gaps

Expansion gap refers to small gaps left between two flooring tiles during the installation process. Expansion gaps are necessary by keeping a little space around the edges of the corner, as it tends to expand and contract the temperature and moisture change,to make it more durable and stable. If the flooring is without expansion gap then the flooring tile will be less stable and durable. Also, if the expansion gap is too small then this can cause the flooring to lift up the flooring space.

Key Factors Influencing Expansion in SPC Flooring

There are various factors that influence the expansion and contraction for SPC flooring:

Temperature Variations: Temperature variants are one such factor that influence and contract the SPC flooring, direct exposure to sunlight or heat causes the SPC to contract or expand.

Humidity: The other factor that influences the expansion and contraction is humidity levels. A sudden spike in humidity levels where the areas are in high moisture can cause a negative impact for SPC flooring.

Installation Techniques

Proper installation of SPC flooring leads to high durability and stability. The installation techniques vary from one method to another. Let's understand a few techniques for proper installation for SPC flooring.

Leave proper expansion gaps: We recommend keeping max 1mm to 2mm space in the edges and keep the appropriate gaps.

Using Spacer: We recommend using spacer to ensure consistency between gaps and reducing the risk of issues.

Adapt Environment for flooring material:  SPC flooring allows to adapt the environment changes that helps to minimize the impact of environmental changes to flooring dimensions.


Expansion gaps play a major role in installing the SPC flooring that allows materials to adapt the changes for temperature and humidity. By properly installing the SPC flooring, installation techniques and leaving adequate gaps that ensure durability, long lasting flooring that maintains its aesthetic appeal. SPC click will not expand or contract and remain stable in high/low temperature.



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