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Is SPC Flooring Really Scratch Resistant? Unraveling the Truth



30 Apr 2024

Is SPC Flooring Really Scratch Resistant? Unraveling the Truth

In the era of designing and flooring solutions, durability and stability is something that withstands everyday's life. One such benefit for SPC flooring is its scratch resistant quality. SPC being scratch resistant is one such reason why it is an ideal choice for kitchen and bathrooms. In this blog we shall go through on why SPC flooring is scratch resistant. SPC flooring is made of limestone powder, PVC and stabilizers which makes it unique and hence scratch resistant to wear and tear and also need less maintenance.

SPC flooring is an exceptional flooring with scratch resistance, unless compared to any other laminate flooring or traditional wood that is prone to scratches and dents. SPC flooring acts as a protective shield that helps against wear and tear and increases the lifespan of the flooring tile.

Unveiling the Key Factors Contributing to Scratch Resistance in SPC Flooring

Thickness: One of the major factors contributing to scratch resistance is thickness layer, if the thickness is higher compared to other, it will protect against scratch and ensure longevity of the flooring.

Surface Texture: SPC flooring offers a variety of textures available in the market ranging from smooth to surface textures. Texture surfaces not only enhance the aesthetics but also are less prone to minor scratches which then turns out to be major so one always chooses surface textures over smooth textures.

Quality of material: The other factor is also the quality of material used, if the material used is of premium quality then there will be no scratches at all and the flooring tile will be more durable.

The secret to SPC flooring being scratch resistant is its composition which makes it stand out alone. SPC flooring is dense and resilient in nature that is not prone to damage. Each flooring is designed in a way it is scratch resistant the day it is installed on the floor. Not just scratch resistant, SPC flooring is also waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain. When you are dealing with pet friendly tiles, regular cleaning and wear and tear,dirt then SPC flooring is the best available option.


Conclusively, SPC Flooring emerges as the supreme choice among Flooring options in Today's Market. With its scratch resistant quality, low maintenance and waterproof in nature makes it the perfect choice for your decor space. SPC flooring is a perfect tile for high traffic areas for both commercial and residential purposes. When SPC flooring is available with such wonderful benefits then there is no chance that anyone would prefer any other flooring tile as an option.



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