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Discover the Ultimate Guide of SPC Rigid Core Flooring: Benefits, Installation Tips



20 Jan 2024

Discover the Ultimate Guide of SPC Rigid Core Flooring: Benefits, Installation Tips

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) rigid core flooring is a type of flooring known for its stability and durability. It is 100% waterproof and is also easy to clean and pet friendly. This is the most common flooring type chosen by people both for commercial and residential spaces.

Composition of Rigid Core Flooring

Rigid Core flooring comprises layers which contributes to overall structure and performance of the SPC flooring. It is waterproof and offers a wide range of designs and pattern options. Not just this, it also has colors and styles to offer. This flooring offers more durability and stability because of rigid behavioral patterns while they are manufactured.

Wear & Tear Layering: The foremost layer which you see is transparent coating of urethane that acts as a protective barrier against UV rays, stains and scratches.

Vinyl Film: This is the 2nd most layer of the flooring, designed mainly to give the visual appearance to the flooring.

Main Layer of the flooring: Core layer is made of limestone powder, Polyvinyl Chloride Resin (PVC), limestone powder gives rigidity and stability to the flooring.

Exploring the Benefits of Rigid Core Flooring

SPC flooring being extremely durable and can fit in a high traffic environment with the benefits of being resistant to damage. The making process to make this flooring tile makes it unique from its competitors. Rigid Core Flooring stands out different from the available option in the flooring segments. Durability, Low maintenance, Designs and patterns these are some of the benefits that makes it the best amongst others.

Durability: The foremost benefit of flooring is its superior durability, making these floors resistant to stains, scratches, and impacts. 

Waterproof: This is one of the main benefits of Rigid Core Flooring, limestone powder used in manufacturing the flooring ensures that there is no damage caused by water. This benefit makes it resistant from moisture found in areas like kitchen, bathrooms etc.

Variations in Designs: Rigid Core flooring offers a wide range of designs and patterns, also offers colors and styles. Vinyl film gives your flooring a visual appearance that it actually mimics like tile or wood.

Easy to Install: Rigid Core Flooring, both glue down flooring and click lock flooring are easy to install. The simple techniques to install it actually saves time and cost both at the same time. All you need is to follow manufacturer guidelines to install the flooring.

Low Maintenance: To maintain Rigid Core Flooring is very easy, a regular cleaning with a dry mop is enough to make it shine and bright for a longer time.

Ideal Space for Rigid Core Flooring

It is always a crucial job to select which is ideal flooring for your home or commercial space. Where we have found that SPC flooring is the most common choice these days because of its stable and versatile nature. Let's find which rooms are suitable for Rigid Core Flooring.

Kitchens: Rigid core flooring is the best choice for kitchens as it is waterproof in nature. Its durability and scratch resistance make it ideal kitchen sinks and cooking areas.

Bathrooms: It is a perfect fit for the bathroom as they are resistant to moisture. This resistance helps to prevent water damage and makes it durable.

Living Rooms/Bedrooms: Rigid Core Flooring offers a wide range of designs and patterns which helps turn your room more lively. Being easy to maintain, also its durability is one such choice by people for SPC flooring.

Commercial Spaces: This Rigid Core Flooring is also popular choices amongst commercial spaces, this wins as it is easy to maintain, waterproof quality and low maintenance. In commercial spaces, where it is occupied by heavy furniture, rigid core flooring should be an ideal choice for stability and durability.

Rigid Core Flooring Installation Guide

Rigid Core Flooring being the popular choice amongst commercial and residential spaces, is easy to install and can be like a DIY project. All you need to do is follow the manufacturer guidelines. We will go through the process of installing the rigid core flooring by the below steps:

Clean the floor: The foremost step is to clean the floor and ensure it's dry and clean. Initial step is also to ensure that there is no moisture on the floor so that there is no hindrance in the next steps we follow. If the flooring has turned out to be moist, allow it at least 48 hours to let it dry and settle at room temperature so that it helps its expansion and contraction post installation.

Planning Layout: The next step is to plan a layout. Keep your material ready with you and fix the planks as per the pattern you want. Follow a path to start from center to fixing it to the end giving a proper sync with a balanced look.

Start Installing: Once other things are set, the next step is to start with installation, keep an expansion gap of 1/4 inch between the planks and walls. It is advised to use tapping blocks so that there are no spaces left and fix the joints properly.

For the corners or any furniture that occupies in between fixing the floor, ensure that you measure and cut planks as per the perfect fit so that there are no obstacles while fixing it.

Complete Installation: Once the planks are fixed, use a tapping block for further tapping to ensure tight joints and also to focus on gaps in between if any.

Installing rigid core flooring is a DIY project, all you need to focus on and follow manufacturer's instructions. If you follow the steps correctly and wisely, we assure that you will add a life to your home or commercial space.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Rigid Core Flooring

Rigid Core Flooring, replicating exactly like wood, stone or tile is the cheapest flooring tile compared to other flooring options. The flooring is easy to maintain and is waterproof, durable and stable.

The way it has some benefits, it also has some cons to it but we can probably overcome those, by making it a popular option in flooring.


Waterproof: It is highly water resistant which absorbs moisture and is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential spaces.

Durable & Stability: This Flooring provides stability with the contraction and expansion of environmental changes.Durability of rigid core flooring is such that it handles heavy foot traffic and these are few reasons which makes it an ideal choice.

Easy to Install: Another major benefit for rigid core flooring is that it's easy to install, cleaning up on a regular basis with a dry mop is easy to maintain plus it saves time and is cost effective.

Design Variations: Rigid Core flooring also offers a wide range of design and patterns. The various styles and patterns make your commercial and residential more lively with the best designs.


Temperature Fluctuations: Temperature fluctuations is something not in our control and this can vary based on the seasonal changes. Rigid Core Flooring is stable and durable compared to any traditional flooring.

Challenges while repairing plank: If your plank is damaged, it is difficult to repair it, as the entire floor needs to be replaced by ensuring that no other plank is damaged. 


Rigid Core Flooring is an ideal choice for flooring options for both commercial and residential spaces. Waterproof, durability, stability, easy to maintain plus cost effective are some of the crucial points and popular choice amongst people to choose this core flooring. Whether you are looking for latest styles or more modern colors, rigid core flooring offers it all. It offers everything which an ideal home or commercial space wants, versatility and resilient solution.



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