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Ultimate Guide: Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring on Stairs with Expert Tips



13 Feb 2024

Ultimate Guide: Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring on Stairs with Expert Tips

We have heard that Vinyl Flooring tiles are a perfect fit for your home, kitchen and bathroom and also say residential spaces, but the question is how will vinyl flooring tile look on stairs, will it look good or not. The other side of the mind thinks how easy or difficult it is to fix a vinyl tile on stairs, the area is such that to fix a vinyl plank is a tough job.

We believe that the installation process will be easy if the steps are followed perfectly. Vinyl flooring plank has multiple designs to offer which gives you a wide variety to choose the best option for your home decor. Installing Vinyl plank on stairs enhances the beauty of the home decor. We have seen that people opt in for vinyl planks for stairs while deciding the flooring for the project. Slip-proof, waterproof, low maintenance are a few benefits of vinyl plank to be kept in mind while finalizing the flooring.

Tools required for installing Vinyl Flooring Plank on Stairs

Before installing a vinyl flooring plank, we first need to decide on which method to proceed ahead with for the best results.

It is easy to install the flooring plank, all you need to do is be ready with the necessary tools required and follow the manufacturer guidelines.

Below are a few tools we recommend to keep with you while installing flooring planks.

  • Jigsaw
  • Knife
  • Fine tooth table
  • Measuring Tape
  • Vinyl Flooring Plank
  • Adhesive
  • Screws or nails

Along with the above shared tools, we also recommend to keep soft cloth required to dab the plank or to wipe off dust. Now that all required tools are collected, here we proceed with the installation steps for Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Installation steps for Vinyl Plank Flooring

The foremost step is to clean the stairs so that there is no dust present while we fix the vinyl plank on it.

  1. Plan to start fixing the plank from top stair to bottom stair.
  2. Selected plank needs to be removed from the package and needs to be rearranged if there is any pattern or color combination opted for the stair design.
  3. Cut the plank as per the required dimension for stairs, one the sizes are cut plan to finish the edges or the corners of the plank.
  4. We recommend you to use chalk or crayon basis marking as per manufacturer guidelines for expansion space between stairs surface and its edges.

Installing vinyl plank is easy if you keep the required tools ready and the DIY tool kit ready following the steps, this saves cost and time both. There are various methods available to install vinyl plank and they vary from one method of installation to the other. Below shared Click-Lock Flooring & Glue- Down Flooring are the two installation methods which we provide for installing vinyl plank.

Click Lock Vinyl Flooring

The combination of two words “click” + “lock” that boards together depicting the installation of a flooring plank connects with interlocking joints that can easily merge together resulting in a flat surface.

Cut the plank edge from the primary vinyl plank. Hold the planks in a way where the angles of the plank edges do not overlap each other but fix parallel to each other. Lock it properly with the required screws or nails. Proceed ahead using the leftover portion to push the plank edge if required so that it gets fixed properly from the corners. For the 2nd stair, use the same method , attach a plank side by side and gently press it so that it fixes properly. Do the same process for the rest of the stairs till you reach the first one. Let the fixed planks settle down a while, if you find any pressing required on planks, dab it with a  soft end so that it matches the appropriate level required.

Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

This method of installing a flooring plank connects using adhesive when applied on the planks to result in a flat surface.

When installing vinyl plank flooring through the glue down method, remember to start it from the center rather than in corners. Measure the distance of the stair and divide the width of the plank, if it requires half the width ensure to fix it in center rather than in corners. The next step is to apply adhesive to the subfloor with a soft cloth ensuring that it gets fixed properly. If the adhesive is spread on the top layer of the plank, wipe it off immediately so that nothing gets stuck on it. The distance between the plank junction needs to be as per the guidelines shared by the manufacturer. Follow the same process for the rest of the stairs to ensure everything is in sync. We recommend you to keep a cloth or knife handle to wipe off any extra adhesive spread on plank.


Vinyl flooring planks last for a longer duration if they are installed properly. Follow manufacturer guidelines to make it last longer. If glue or screws fail or are being misplaced in any of the planks there is a high risk of it being broken within a few years of time span.

This is the top most choice among individuals as Vinyl comes with low maintenance , sweat proof, pet friendly, waterproof and requires minimal tools to fix it and can be easily installed by just following the DIY steps shared by the manufacturer. All you need is necessary tools required beforehand to make the installing process easier.



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