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SPC Flooring vs LVT: Find out the Essential differences



13 Feb 2024

SPC Flooring vs LVT: Find out the Essential differences

Confused on which is the right floor for you? Yes, this confusion usually occurs while we renovate the project for home or for commercial purposes. When it comes to flooring materials, you have got a lot of options such as stone, tile, wood and it is pretty difficult for you to finalize the best for you as we believe everything looks perfect but not just this along with just the look there are other factors as well which should tick while we finalize the project.

In the flooring industry, it is difficult to identify the material type which is the best amongst the recommended. Upgradation and availability in the market seems to be a tough choice for consumers you see in the market. SPC flooring and LVT ( Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring are essential and advanced technologies, where the differences aren't much but one should have a better understanding on which one is suitable for you.

What is LVT flooring and what is it made from?

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is a new version in the flooring industry, the designs are so real that you will feel that it looks like actual wood, ceramic or stone flooring also are cost-effective. LVT product is defined with a highly raised image overlaid on top to give it a totally different and new appearance. LVT planks are both durable and flexible. Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is an innovative and composite flooring solution, comprising several layers of polyvinyl chloride and other compounds. In manufacturing the sheets PVC are suspended to liquid which when compressed before being heated and air is dried  which produces a tough material.

Luxury Vinyl Tile known for its durability,versatility is the most common choice used by residential and commercial spaces. LVT is multi-layered where the top most layer provides stability and protects againsts stains and scratches.

LVT is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one type of plastic that makes flooring durable. If you talk about the process of its manufacturing, here you go:

  • A thick sheet undergoes a process of heated rollers that makes the components of LVT and defines the thickness of the sheet.
  • Further, all the thick sheets are laminated with layers when kept together by applying heat and pressure on it.
  • Once the sheet is heated, the next step is to emboss it to get it shine so a urethane top coat is applied on it and then the LVT surface will be textured.
  • Once the embossing process is done, it is time to check that LVT flooring has no defects and is now all set to go for further steps to get it packed and shipped.

The Composition of SPC Flooring

SPC flooring, also known as luxury vinyl flooring, consists of materials like stone, ceramic and wood that resembles the traditional flooring material. SPC Flooring offers huge variation in styles and designs by offering a variety of patterns. The color creation is simply amazing and flows with creativity. The design is so attractive that the majority of the time it is difficult for you to understand it's not wood right!

SPC flooring easy to maintain and install is made from limestone powder, PVC resin and stabilizers.

Limestone powder makes the SPC flooring solid and flexible. They say higher the limestone, higher is the stability, durability of the SPC flooring.

PVC resin adds flexibility to the SPC flooring, PVC is basically a synthetic polymer that is water resistant and this is one such thing that adds flexibility of the flooring.

Stabilizers add life to the flooring, the amount of calcium, zinc, helps maintain the structural integrity of the SPC flooring.

Foaming agent is used at the end of the process as being rigid in nature foaming agent helps make SPC flooring a little softer.

LVT or SPC : Which is waterproof?

SPC flooring is 100% waterproof while LVT is water resistant but not waterproof. We can still go a little deep dive between the two to see which one is better when compared to each other.

Durability: SPC flooring lasts longer and has better wear resistance. The stiffness of SPC provides more underfoot support, while the flexibility of LVT is softer and provides a more comfortable ride. SPC flooring is broader compared to LVT as it is more realistic when it comes to texture.

LVT vs SPC Installation Process: LVT and SPC flooring, we offer glue down installation or click lock installation, both of these are easy to install if the manufacturer instructions are followed up properly. SPC offers several advantages due to its robust structure. Although LVT can be installed over almost any solid subfloor, LVT requires that the subfloor be completely flat and free of dents and obstructions. Flexible materials conform to any irregularities, but SPC tolerates smaller tolerances because it maintains its shape even when the subfloor is uneven.

Designs and styles for LVT vs Stone Plastic Composite: SPC and LVT flooring both offer a wide range of designs and patterns. The designs are so uniquely offered that it doesn't let you believe that it is wood or flooring which you have fixed at your residential or commercial space. When both are compared, SPC flooring are the one's which offer new designs every few days when compared to LVT.

LVT is made from PVC core which adds softness to the flooring quality, while the material composition for SPC flooring is made of limestone powder and plastic.

SPC flooring is thicker compared to LVT. SPC ranges from 4mm to 6mm while the LVT is less than 4 mm.

Final Words

When it comes to LVT & SPC there is no such best choice suggested, it is always an individual's need to choose basis specific needs or preferences set. Both SPC and LVT flooring has benefits and drawbacks but has the best choice to choose the comfort and designs available.

Choosing which flooring is better LVT or SPC totally depends on the individual's choice and preferences. The design patterns evolve every few days and offer competitive designs within self.

At last we can say no matter which flooring you like, whether SPC or LVT we assure both will add life to your residentials or commercial space. So sit back, think twice and be proud with whatever choice you make.



Hey there! My name is Heeral, your go-to guide for all things SPC flooring. I'm passionate about simplifying the world of flooring, especially when it comes to Stone Plastic Composite.

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