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Can SPC be Installed Over Existing Tile?



25 May 2024

Can SPC be Installed Over Existing Tile?

SPC flooring has gained popularity against homeowners for its features like water resistant, durability, long lasting flooring and also for its aesthetics and patterns, being one of the cost-effective flooring solutions the other question arises is can we lay SPC flooring over a tile? So, let's go through the below blog and understand whether it is doable or not.

Advantages of Laying SPC flooring over Tile

So yes, this is easily doable as it is cost effective and easy to install. When we say laying SPC flooring over tile, it means that the surface is already covered with tiles and we are going to place SPC flooring over it. It is beneficial to do so to give the new look and feel as well, lets understand a few of its benefits:

Cost Efficiency: Laying SPC flooring over tile is cost efficient, as removing the old flooring tile and then putting up the new ones will include huge cost for raw materials as well as labor. So, if we lay SPC flooring over tile, it saves the labor cost and this saves time and money.

Minimal Disruption: Laying off SPC flooring over tile reduces the mess and also noise that occurs during fitting the flooring tile. It takes a lot of effort to fix a tile and includes noise so laying off the above tile will save both noise disruption and mess.

Preparation and Considerations for Installing SPC Flooring Over Tile

Before laying SPC flooring over tile, let's be prepared to follow a few steps for an easy outlay and long lasting finish.

Look for Condition - The first step to initiate is to look for the condition of the flooring tile. The tile should be flat and even and no cracks or bumps on it. We will also need to ensure that the flooring tiles are fixed and if any of it is slightly loose that needs to be fixed. The tile should be neat and clean to process with the second step.

Levelling the Surface- As a second step, we will need to grind down high spot areas to bring it to level surface by following the manufacturer guidelines while applying it.

Moisture Barrier: As a third step, we are well aware that SPC flooring is water resistant, but it is advisable to lay a moisture barrier if the flooring tile is in a humid area. This is required to prevent both flooring tile, the old one and also the SPC flooring.

Installing SPC Flooring Over Tile - Easy Installation Process

Well after taking all the precautions and aligning with all the necessary steps to overlay SPC over a tile, it's time to installation, so let's follow the below steps to do the same:

Accommodate the flooring: As a first step, it is advisable to accommodate the flooring tile where it is going to be fixed in a few hours, this is required to do as to adapt the expansion & contraction post installation.

Plan a Layout: As a second step, we will need to plan a layout on how we want to proceed to overlay SPC flooring over a tile. This ensures cut pieces to edges as per the reasonable sizes and overall area is balanced.

Begin with installation: After following the prior step, we will need to begin with the installation, starting from the corner of the room to the main room by laying off planks parallel to walls. You can use spacers so that it gets fit exactly and no delays happen.

Finish the edges: Once the installation is completed, we recommend removing spacers and filling the gaps with molds to cover the expansion gaps as then it will also require time to dry off and fix permanently.

As a final inspection to check, walk on the flooring tile fixed so that you can understand on which planks are gaps that are loose and need to be tightened up. So that you can make necessary adjustments if needed.


Laying SPC flooring over tile is easy and offers a modern and aesthetic look by saving time and cost. All we need is to ensure that we do the fixing properly to avoid any gaps and hassles. If we follow the correct installation steps, we assure you'll be achieving a beautiful and durable flooring option. When you're a first time tile fixer or a home renovator, SPC flooring is the first and foremost choice that offers a durable and stylish look to your decor space.



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