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SPC Flooring Cost: A Comprehensive Guide to Pricing



23 Mar 2024

SPC Flooring Cost: A Comprehensive Guide to Pricing

When it comes to making your home look aesthetic- SPC flooring is a must! SPC flooring is like a real solution for the majority of households. So what comes next as a medium is its cost. In the detailed guide lets understand how the cost of SPC flooring is taken into consideration.

Well, the cost of SPC flooring depends on various aspects such as brand, thickness, style, pattern. Pricing for SPC flooring is being measured as per square foot.

Factors affecting SPC flooring cost

If SPC Flooring is of high quality, then the price tagged to it will also be high, and vice versa. Then the other aspect is its brand name and design. The price will be high if you expect any additional feature in flooring tile as sound proof quality or scratch proof, then you need to pay a little extra. Well, if we talk about the price for SPC flooring, it ranges from $2 to $ 7 per square foot. As we mentioned, the price may increase or decrease based on the defined criterias.

Quality: Higher quality of SPC flooring will be costly compared to a lower quality, everything that ranges differs when prices are increased, quality, lock mechanism are certain points that get affected.

Brand: If the SPC flooring is of big brand then yes the prices for SPC flooring will be higher when compared to other local brands available in the market.

Thickness: The costing for SPC flooring will be higher if the thickness varies and vice versa. Higher the thickness , higher will be the cost & lower the thickness, lower the cost.

Installation: The cost varies here as well, if you go with DIY the prices shall be lower but if you hire a professional to fix this, the charges shall be higher.

Design and Finishing: SPC flooring, if you opt for a perfect finish, which we believe everybody wants assume the prices will be slightly high when compared to standard options for finishing.

Cost Breakdown

In the earlier stage we studied on factors affecting the SPC flooring, here we will further understand the cost breakdown for SPC flooring.

Material Costs: Calculation for SPC flooring is done per square foot. On an average the ideal cost for SPC flooring is $2 to $7 that excludes installation.

Installation Costs: This may increase to $1 -$3 if you ask a professional to fix the SPC flooring for you. Installation may also depend on geographical location, or contract rates.

Additional Expense: This may vary based on the accessories you require and which brand you prefer using. Additional costs like adhesive, strips, etc that are required while installing SPC flooring.


SPC flooring offers a compelling mix of toughness, aesthetics, and reasonableness. If you understand the actual vs estimated cost required to fix SPC flooring, we assure you that it's not that costly, all you need to do is just plan your cost properly. You can never get the best flooring like SPC flooring, it has huge variations to offer you with the minimum price point. They also offer you a DIY kit that actually helps you save your installation cost. Trust us, SPC flooring is a versatile flooring that adds cost effective solutions for your budget and space needs.



Hey there! My name is Heeral, your go-to guide for all things SPC flooring. I'm passionate about simplifying the world of flooring, especially when it comes to Stone Plastic Composite.

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