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Understanding Wood Flooring Planks: Everything You Need to Know



01 Apr 2024

Understanding Wood Flooring Planks: Everything You Need to Know

Wood flooring plank is a classy and aesthetic choice that offers a sense of calmness. It's made up of a single piece of wood that allows it to make a uniform stylish look.

Wood flooring plank has its unique characteristics that differentiate it from others and is considered to be one of the choices in home decor space, these are available in a variety such as Oak, bTeak, Sapele & Walnut.

This is an ideal choice in home spaces considered living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and basement area.

What is a Wood Flooring Plank?

Wood flooring plank is a piece of wood which is used to create the covering of the floor. The wood flooring planks are typically hardwood or engineered wood just like you have bamboo or oak wood.

Benefits of Wood Flooring Plank

  1. Wood flooring planks are known for their classic and aesthetic appeal. They are like timeless beauty adding beauty to your flooring space. Be it traditional or modern, wood flooring plank covers it all.
  2. It comes with a variety of designs and finishes. They are available in different sizes and colors that allows homeowners to choose the best designs for them.
  3. Wood flooring planks are highly durable and stable and it adds value to your decor space and has the quality to last longer. The other benefit is that it is easy to maintain and doesn't require any fancy ways of cleaning, just mopping with damp cloth will clean off dirt and dust.
  4. This planks are versatile in nature and are always an ideal choice for bedrooms, living spaces, basements or bathrooms.

Types of Wood Flooring Planks

It offers a variations in flooring planks, known for its aesthetics and appeal, this may vary from one plank to another, so let's study a few of them here:

Hardwood Plank: This plank gives warmth to your decor space, these are made from oak or walnut and are highly durable and stable.

Engineered Wood Plank: This plank is also known as plywood which we generally use for furniture,this engineered wood plank is resistant to moisture and fluctuates with humidity levels.

Maintenance of Wood Flooring Plank

Maintenance of Wood Flooring Plank is a must to make it last longer, not just this rule applies to any of the flooring planks. Let's understand how to maintain the wood flooring plank.

Regular cleaning: it is advisable to clean wood flooring plank on a regular basis to remove dust and debris. Just wipe it off with a medium to dry cloth and the surface is free of dust and dirt.

Wipe up spills: There are chances where you might see spills around the corner or may be on the flooring plank, it is a must to wipe it off immediately in order to remove that stain or any water damage to the wood flooring plank.

Prevent Scratches & Dents: Avoid moving heavy furniture in the rooms in order to avoid scratches and dents in the decor space. Also, if you have pets at home, ensure that carpet is there on the floor in order to avoid scratches.

Exposure to Sunlight: We recommend to avoid excessive sunlight so that the flooring plank is not damaged in a shorter period of time, mild sunlight is fine but a constant heat will damage the flooring plank and also fade the color.

Costing of Wood Flooring Plank

Costing for wood flooring planks depends on various factors such as brand,quality of wood material chosen, size of the wood,and also the installation method opted for. The ideal price for wood flooring plank ranges from $3 to $20 per square foot based on geographical location, pricing shared by supplier and if any additional costs incurred. 

Higher quality of wood, say oak or mahogany will have less imperfections and a higher amount of satisfaction, but then the cost for wood will be slightly higher compared to other local woods available in the market. There are various factors to be kept in mind while choosing the wood flooring plank.


So to conclude this, wood flooring planks are solid wood or say engineered wood that offers ability to refinish multiple times to increase the lifespan.Wood flooring plank made from the narrow pieces of wood  are made from species of oak, maple, cherry or walnut and comes in various lengths,widths and thickness that suits different designs and preferences for installation. 

Trust us, wood flooring plank is among the popular choices for both residential and commercial spaces due to the durability and stability.



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