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Is Steam Mopping Safe for SPC Flooring? Exploring Best Practices and Considerations



01 Apr 2024

Is Steam Mopping Safe for SPC Flooring? Exploring Best Practices and Considerations

SPC flooring is the most common choice amongst homeowners due to its durability, stability and water resistant features. It is easy to clean as well, now the question arises is whether it is clean using steam mops or not. In this blog , we shall study in brief on what are the ways to clean it and its impact on SPC flooring.

The composition of SPC flooring is that it is a type of rigid material mixed with PVC that makes it stand unique amongst the other flooring tiles. SPC flooring is more water resistant when compared to other flooring options available in the market. Here's what you need to consider:

Manufacturer Recommendations: The first step to consider is to follow the manufacturer guidelines, some manufacturers may advise to use steam mop while the others won't so it is recommended to read the instructions for the same.

Testing in a Small Area: We recommend that before mopping the entire room with a steam mop, it is better to test by considering a small amount of space and see if that works fine or not. So that the entire floor is not affected by it.

Unlocking the Top Benefits of Steam Mopping

We are aware of the risk that is associated with this, but there are several benefits too for steam mopping, so lets understand that as well.

Deep Cleaning: If using steam mops, the dirt and debris present will be cleaned properly removing the cores of it. It will also kill the bacteria.

Chemical Free Cleaning: Well you are doing steam mop, so you will not need to put any harsh chemicals or sanitizer in it, as you are already cleaning it with hot steam.

Steam Mopping: Best Practices for Safely and Effectively Cleaning SPC Flooring

If you perform the hot steam mopping, you will need to follow certain practices in order to minimize the risk for damage.

Low to Medium Steam Setting: We recommend low to medium steam setting so as to avoid it from excessive heat and moisture that can result in damaging the flooring tile.

Continuation for mopping: We need to ensure that once we start the steam mopping, it keeps on rotating from one area to the other and does not result in sticking to one place. If it does stick to one place then it might result in damaging the flooring tile.

Microfiber Pad: You will need to use a microfiber pad to collect all the dirt and debris in it. Use the steam mop in a circular direction to avoid excess heat and simultaneously the micro fiber will collect the dirt and debris.

Avoid Long Mopping: Majority of the people have a habit of mopping floors for a longer duration of time where they think it will be more clean when done that way but it is not like so, the longer the duration, higher are the chances for its damage.


Steam mopping is one of the best cleaning methods for SPC flooring, and if we follow the regular practice for it, it actually minimizes the risk of damage. We recommend the manufacturer recommendations and guidelines while steam mopping. If you follow the right guidelines and techniques, we assure you the steam mopping is a good option for cleaning the SPC flooring.



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