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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color for your SPC Flooring



06 Mar 2024

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color for your SPC Flooring

Well the layout for your space is finalized, what comes next? Oh yeah it's the color for SPC Flooring, yes this is the most important aspect we must say on what color of flooring will suit the space? Will the color dark be more suitable or the color light?

People have different choices for colors and textures, some prefer dark where some prefer pastel light colors. Choosing the right color flooring is important keeping in mind the aspect of your decor. We are here to suggest you on what and how well you should prefer the colors for your SPC Flooring, in the below written blog you shall be understanding the same some narrow and wide spaces for colors. There are various factors where choosing the color for SPC flooring depends, size of the room, color of your furniture etc, so let's study them briefly.

What is the number of people living in your home?

Well yes, this is the foremost question arising on how many people live in your home, choices of the housemates differ from one another. Right from the old age people to the young generation the choice for color will vary. The other thing is that if you have any small kid in your home, you will need to choose the darker color of tile keeping in mind that the kid may spill more when compared to middle age.

Light color SPC flooring tile has high chances of being dirty when compared to darker color flooring. Also, this will reverse if you have pets at your home then you will be choosing the light color flooring as the chances of pets that shade its own hairs has higher chances so the light color tiles will be the best option than choosing the darker color tile.

Color of the Furniture

The other aspect where the color of the SPC flooring is dependent is the color of the furniture. It is always recommended to have a contrast color combination with SPC flooring rather than having the exact opposite shade of color. Choosing soft colors for SPC flooring makes a calm and soothing environment. There are choices where people opt for darker shade, they choose it if they want to have a cozy and simplified interior for your space.

If you have vibrant and bold furniture, the color combination of SPC flooring needs to be aesthetic of space and design element that is selected with style or pattern with existing design elements.

Size of the Room

This is another major aspect where people also consider this as a factor- size of the room. Today, home interiors are designed as there are no partitions inside and they just divide the rooms by designs defined. So the color of the SPC flooring, colors of the wall are designed and defined differently to give it an aesthetic look.

Consider Lighting

Natural and artificial lighting can affect the basis you have chosen the flooring color. If your home has natural lights, you may choose the bright colors of SPC flooring, whereas if your home has more artificial lights then you may choose the darker colors to make you feel cozier. If you have fancy lighting at home, we would suggest going with a darker shade of SPC Flooring. They give an extremely aesthetic look when fixed.

Personal Preference

Eventually, select a flooring color that reflects your individual choice and taste. After all, you're the one who will be living with it day in and day out, so it's fundamental to choose a color that makes you feel comfortable and cheerful in your space. 


SPC flooring is one of the most popular choices amongst the crowd these days, so of course choosing the right color flooring tile will be the next choice. Choosing the correct flooring tile considering various factors as mentioned above in the blog is an important choice. Yes the choices may differ, taste to choose the color may differ but there are certain features which we mentioned above needs to be always kept in mind while choosing the right color for your SPC flooring. 

The reason to do this is to have a one time investment cost for SPC flooring, an individual is not going to change SPC flooring every year or so, it should be such that nothing needs to be changed for a longer duration. So an ideal way is to take a certain amount of time, think of the correct flooring tile color and then fix it for your home space.



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